10 Interesting Sales Enablement Interview Questions

Your ideal candidate profile, as well as the soft skills and competencies that should be included on your resume, can help you find the perfect match for your sales position. However, having good sales enablement interview questions is just as vital, if not more so.

You may learn more about a candidate’s abilities, personality, and accomplishments, better forecast how they will perform in the job, and prevent costly recruiting blunders by asking the proper sales support interview questions. Whether you’re recruiting sales reps, managers, or sales leaders, the following 15 sales enablement interview questions (suggested by sales and support experts) can help you achieve exactly that. To get the answers to these questions, read the article.

What is sale enablement?

“A strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content, training, and coaching services to salespeople and customers alike,” according to Sale Enablement. “a front-line sales manager throughout the customer journey, powered by technology,” says Sales Enablement.
Of course, how you assess whether or not you have the capacity to sell is dependent on who you ask. Different companies have different perspectives on what it means, how to approach it, and how to staff the function, which leads to another common question.

What is sale enablement?

Sales enablement interview questions

  • Give me an example of a moment when you had to choose between doing the right thing and taking the easy route. So, what are your plans?

Buyers have a hard time trusting salesmen, according to research. Candidates must show that they can make a moral decision, even (and particularly) when it is tough.

  • Tell me about a moment when you had to create a territory from the ground up in your sales career. What were your first 30 days like?

“Instead of asking, ‘What would you do?’ I prefer to ask behavioral questions.”                        Brainshark’s Director of Readiness, Jim Ninivaggi, stated. “I believe it is meaningless to ask,    ‘What are your plans for the first 30 days?’ “In your first 30 days at your present        organization, what did you do?”

Sales Enablement Interview Questions

  • How would you approach me about your present firm’s services?

When your application is most effective, you want to get a good feel of their talents and approach to selling. This question reveals the salespeople’s eagerness to sell as well as their ability to think on their feet. This is also one of the sales enablement interview questions.

  • Why did you decide on a sales career over another customer-facing position? (Or, why are you interested in working in sales?)

The finest salesmen may like problem-solving, relative freedom, or the competitive aspect of achieving goals. However, some candidates may be more concerned with the role’s income potential, or – in the case of less experienced candidates – they may not know what they want! This inquiry can assist you to figure out whether or not someone is in it for the correct reasons.

  • Describe a situation when you were met with a challenging reaction. How have you changed as a result?

Everyone has flaws and no one knows everything. Because successful coaching of salespeople is so valuable, you should establish if a sales prospect is “available” and can exhibit a willingness to receive feedback. If you get feedback, you may either use it to improve or ignore it.


  • What do you know about our business?

“I’m not expecting a flawless answer; all I want to know is what studying they performed in preparation for the interview.” “The interview would be ended if it was evident they weren’t prepared.” A sales representative who isn’t prepared for an interview is likely to be unprepared for sales calls as well.

  • How did you manage it in the past when a consumer was unhappy with you?

“The seller must take full control of the lead-to-customer conversion process,” says Collen Francis of Engage Selling. Any time they start blaming shipping, their accountant, a team member, or their management for a lost sale or an angry client, it’s a red flag. It also allows candidates to talk about how they deal with hardship.

  • Tell me about a chance you missed. What happened to it?

“If they blame someone else for the defeat, they won’t get the job,” Francis added. I’m well aware that reckless merchants will never crack the top 10%. Furthermore, you may determine whether the sales representative in issue is prepared to discuss the shortcomings openly rather than ignoring the truth.


  • Can you walk me through your sales process step by step?

Heinz believes that being structured both as a whole and ‘at the moment is the common distinction that typically divides average individuals from inside sales personnel, regardless of culture or strategy. Candidates that can speak in-depth about their sales process must, of course, have a thorough grasp of their sales process, but they’re also more likely to commit to whatever approach the company selling your goods uses.

“Ask questions and seek instances of how candidates stay organized and focused during             the interview.” Obtain certain instances pertaining to the sales process, email management, and so forth.

  • Could you provide me a full breakdown of your figures?

While past performance may not necessarily predict future success, it does demonstrate that a candidate is capable of being productive. Ask salespeople how many calls, emails, and deals they need to close to thrive in their current capacity, in addition to how they met their quota. Which strategy did they find to be the most effective, and why?

To summarize, above is a set of 10 sales enablement interview questions that we have provided for you. Hope it will be useful to you when interviewing for this position or as a reference for the interviewer.

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